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COMMON EARTH: A No-cost Opportunity for All Climate Story Gardeners

COMMON EARTH: A No-cost Opportunity for All Climate Story Gardeners

Alert: A New Course Module Begins in October

Whether you are a climate fiction reader or a climate fiction writer, you will be interested in learning about Common Earth. This online course will deepen your understanding of the root causes of the climate crisis and help you explore solutions within a small group of diverse and international peers. It’s engaging, inspirational, and all it takes is a bit of your time.

I signed up for Common Earth because I was searching for a way to contribute to the race to solve our climate crisis. Common Earth gave me so much more than I expected, including the courage to start the Climate Story Garden. I not only learned about systems thinking, which helped me analyze the traditional publishing system and pinpoint issues with getting climate fiction published, it also gave me deeper insight into all the challenges and some of the solutions that I could include in future stories I may write. I enjoyed so much the connections with people from Brazil, Ireland, Italy, and the UK in my groups, and this international perspective on the problems we face underscores the fact that we are all in this together.

email: info@commonearth.com

Common Earth is based in Canada and is fully sponsored, so all the course materials are supplied at no charge, including books to read from. The course tackles economics, thermodynamics, regenerative farming practices, community building, and the human experience. It strives to form “a compassionate community of people developing holistic responses to climate change.” There is a course for adults and a new course for youth in grades 10 to 12: https://www.commonearth.com/youth-program

For more information email: info@commonearth.com. You can also register through their website at: https://www.commonearth.com/our-program.

Join Common Earth. Make the commitment of time to do the readings and engage in the discussions. Modules start throughout the year, so if the current offering doesn’t fit into your schedule, put it on your radar for next spring. Whether you want to dive deeper into the issues or long to share your questions, concerns, hopes, and fears with like-minded people, you will come away inspired to do more.