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The EarthStar Solution by Arlene L. Williams

We live in a very lonely world, or do we? Kaye Malloy is about to find out. First, a light pulses from her laptop. Next, a mysterious eye forms in the pixels of her screen. Is this a hacker? Kaye doesn’t know anyone who might do that. In fact, she doesn’t know anyone in this small town her father dragged her to. She only knows that she misses her brother terribly and her father won’t talk about him. Instead, he’s cold and distant, immersed in the hedge fund he runs. Now, it seems he’s been lying about climate change.
In this contemporary, climate mystery, Kaye must solve her brother’s death, change her father’s mind, and alter the outcome of the climate crisis across time, but it all springs from one strange moment of connection.


“In the rich and imaginative novel The EarthStar Solution, a teenager navigates tragedy, enlightenment, and deep emotional connections in the process of uncovering a plot against the planet.”

Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Surprising YA adventure pitting a teen and the future against climate change. Readers will cheer her on and care for the friends she makes on the way as the book offers an inviting introduction to climate awareness and the power of activism, all touched with both realism and magic.”

—from BookLife Reviews

“A wonderful novel aimed at budding climate warriors, but anyone who likes a good story will enjoy it. It mixes climate reality with mystery, suspense, science fiction and delight. I am retired and found myself reading late into the night because it is so captivating. The author Williams gets across a climate message while at the same time providing great entertainment. Highly recommended.”

—David Patterson, Servant, Common Earth Inc

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